About Us

Laila Group is a subsidary of EasyCo which was founded in 2019 and based in Portland Oregon. In 2019 Mike Jivanjee the founder invented Laila Flower. It is the first hemp on in the world with 0.0 THC and 25% CBD. Mr. Jivanjee took the product and business plan to Wall Street investors and received a 25 million evaluation with a 1.5 series A.

As the company began to grow we wanted to find the most efficient way to bring Laila Flower to the U.S. market. We began selling jars of flower and prerolls but wanted to offer a premium hemp cigarette. We took Laila Flower to Hempacco in San Diego to process into cigarettes. However after many failed attempts the problem became apparent. The machines big tobacoo uses to roll cigarettes are not designed to roll cannabis or hemp. As a result currently the only hemp cigarettes on the market are made up of mostly biomass which is typically the partS of the plant discarded after harvest. 

For the same reasons we cannot go into a dispensary and big a 20% THC cigarette pack is because the machines will not process the material. Even rolling biomass can have it's challenges. Some manufacturers have even been known to add chemicals like ethnaol and alcohol in during the production process. After a year of R/D we are the first company to successfully roll high potency flower into cigarettes. In Fall 2022 we released our first run of Laila Cigarettes. Testing around 20% CBD and 0.0 THC with zero chemicals at scale. We are working on scaling the company in order to meet the high demand inside the U.S. market.